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        This platform was formed under the leadership of Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, for the development of health tourism in Kayseri by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate, Erciyes University and Anatolian Health Tourism Association (AHTA) and private hospitals in Kayseri. The works of the platform are carried out by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality İmar Inc. www.healthtoursimkayseri.com web site is among these studies and serves to share the health tourism infrastructure of Kayseri with the world. 

      Kayseri is a city which is located in the center of Turkey in terms of transportation. Kayseri and Turkey have an easy access of transportation from anywhere in the world. Kayseri is also a home to many civilizations and it is full of historical and natural riches. Once being the capital of Cappadocia,one of the most important wonders of the world, which has become a center of attraction throughout history and today is a very important tourism center, is an important feature of Kayseri.
      In addition to these features, Kayseri has a very important health infrastructure. Gevher Nesibe Medical School and Madrasah (Muslim seminary), known as the first medical faculty of the world and built in 1206, is located in Kayseri. Kayseri is an important health center-as it was 800 years ago-with its medical genes. Today, Kayseri has one of the most comprehensive hospitals in Turkey with 1607-bed City Hospital and 3748-bed health centers with Health Tourism Certificate.
      Erciyes University Hospitals, Oncology Hospital, Heart Hospital, Organ Transplantation and Dialysis Hospital, Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Treatment Center, Children's Hospital with a total capacity of 1251 beds.
      In addition to public hospitals, we have very modern private hospitals in Kayseri. If we add a large number of public and private dental and eye hospitals and physical therapy centers, it can be said that Kayseri has a very important infrastructure in the field of health. Kayseri provides national and international services with all these hospitals by means of health tourism authorization certificate.
     There are many thermal facilities around Kayseri. Kayseri, which is the center of tolerance and peace, is a candidate to be the healing center not only of Anatolia but also of the world.

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