22-year-old patient recovered from 100% FAP disease


Furkan Türkel, 22, who was suffering from abdominal pain from a young age and was diagnosed with a 'pinworm' in every hospital he went to, was diagnosed with FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) disease with a 100 percent probability of turning into cancer. Furkan Türkel, who was taken to the operation in Kayseri City Hospital, has recovered with a successful operation. Specialist working at Kayseri City Hospital as a General Surgery Specialist and Gastroenterology Surgery Minor Specialist. Dr. Ersin Gündoğan underlined that the inner face of the large intestine should be a flat floor, "However, the inner mucosa of our patient's large intestine was covered with thousands of polyps. Although this disease is familial and rare, it is a 100% probability of developing cancer. If you diagnose and operate, you eliminate the risk of developing cancer. The entire mucosa of our patient from the beginning of the large intestine to the end was covered with this disease. All of the diseased large intestine of our patient was taken by the closed method (laparoscopic) and a reserve area was made from the small intestine. We hope that from now on, Furkan will be able to continue his normal life. Large bowel cancer, stomach cancer, obesity, liver and pancreatic surgeries are the diseases we frequently treat laparoscopically. With the closed (laparoscopic) method, surgery provides great comfort to the patient. Of course, since this type of surgery is very long-lasting, you should have a team that can support you. As Kayseri City Hospital General Surgery Clinic, we are a successful team that complements each other. This is a successful team work, ”he said. Furkan Türkel, who survived the cancer and recovered after the surgery, said; “I applied to the hospital with the complaint of abdominal pain. I have complained of abdominal pain since I was 12 years old. The doctors I went to before said that they were pinworm. But after I went to the military, my pains started to increase.