Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Started on Animals at ERU


While working to develop vaccines against Covid-19 with two different technologies, Erciyes University reported that vaccines were being tested on animals. In a written statement from Erciyes University, "Erciyes University (ERUs) Vaccine Research and Development Center (ERAG I) Center researchers at the Health Ministry Turkey Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB) and the scope of the projects supported by Erciyes University Covidien-19 against cell The studies of developing vaccines with two different technologies, namely culture-based inactive vaccine and recombinant vaccine, are continuing. It has been stated that the effectiveness of the vaccine candidate will be tested in the vaccinated animals in the process.In the explanations made, recombinant vaccine candidates against Covid-19 have been developed within the scope of the projects and these It is stated that it is foreseen to start the studies in June. It is reported that the trials of inactive and recombinant vaccine candidates developed against Covid-19 on experimental animals will be completed in August. " The statement said.