Full Score from Foreign Tourists to OSM


Kayseri has become a reason for health preference in recent years, as our country has received many tourists regarding health tourism. In this context, the number of patients coming from abroad increases day by day in terms of service and satisfaction received. The Orthopedics, Microsurgery and Athlete's Health Center OMS, which is part of System Hospital, draws great attention as one of the healthcare teams that represent our country successfully and with merit. The OSM team has successfully performed the Anterior Pancehenko's anterior cruciate ligament surgery from Kiev. OMS Doctors Op. Dr. Pancehenko from Kiev, who was operated by Emre Yurdakul and his team, PT. After Harun Kızılcı's physiotherapy sessions, he recovered and was discharged. Expressing his feelings after his last checks, Panınahenko said: “I had heard the success of Doctor Emre Yurdakul and his team, one of my acquaintances who had an operation in this center, I came to OMS with their guidance and I got my health after a successful surgery, I am grateful to the whole team. Op. Dr. Emre Yurdakul said, "We are very happy as OMS because of the interest and trust of tourists, and as all staff, we are trying to give them the highest level of service, we wish our patient Pancehenko once again." He spoke in the form.