Governor ŞeyhmusGünaydın, the deputies TanerYıldız and İsmail Tamer, former Minister of Family and Social Policies and Presidential Adviser SemaRamazanoğlu, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality MemduhBüyükkılıç, Garrison Commander Brigadier General ErcanTeke, the rector of ERU. Dr. Mustafa Calis, the rector of KAYU Prof.Dr. KurtuluşKaramustafa, Rector of NNU KerimGüney KTO President ÖmerGülsoy, Deputy Minister of Health Emine Alp Meşe, health sector managers, tourism sector representatives attended to the Workshop held in the 813- year old- historical building,built in 1206 by Giyasettin Keyhüsrev the Seljuk ruler as the will of his sister GevherNesibe who died of tuberculosis, which is accepted as the first medical faculty of the worldconsisting a mental hospital in which patients were treated with music and water sound, and medical education and applied treatment (healing) services have been performed.Governor ŞehmusGünaydın said that Kayseri is an important health center with 4 thousand patient beds and some patients still come to Kayseri from Bahrain for bone marrow transplants and therefore this workshop is more suitable for Kayseri and emphasized that some foreign patients form various countries come to Kayseri for aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, obesity and eye treatment . Governor Günaydın said “We organized a workshop for the development of health tourism.Our workshop started at the Gevher Nesibe Hospital known as the first medical faculty in the world. The important bureaucrats of the Ministry of Health and the representatives of institutions and organizations related to health tourism participated in the workshop which was held in a hospital and a hotel. A lot issues such as health tourism in Turkey and in the world, the status of Kayseri, government support, health tourism law, thermal health tourism, destination image and branding, gastronomy and complementary alternative medicine were thoroughly discussed in the workshop. We believe that these efforts will contribute significantly to Kayseri.”