In Kayseri City Hospital, Ahmet and Zeyd's Life Coloring Surgery


 Ali İhsan Güventürk, who applied to various health facilities in Ankara and Istanbul for his sons 9-year-old Ahmet and 4-year-old Zeyd's eye treatments, found the healing he was looking for in Kayseri. After the successful operation, Ahmet's first words to his father Ali İhsan Güventürk were "I see the world more colorful" On 23rd October 2019, Wednesday Dr. Necati Duru, Administrative and Training Officer of the Eye Clinic of Kayseri City Hospital, performing the operations of Ahmet and Zeyd said; “When we moved from Kayseri State Hospital to City Hospital, we started a new structure in terms of eyes. We tried to be a clinic in our city hospital where all surgeries can be performed and all diseases can be diagnosed and treated. We are trying to do quality of work and operations here. We have a young, dynamic team. I am proud to work here with this team.'' Assoc. Prof. Dr. Necati Duru told the case of the father Ali İhsan Güventürk brought Ahmet and Zeyd to the eye clinic in June, explained: "There was a problem in both eyes of Ahmet, 9 years old, and in left eye of Zeyd. In particular, 9-year-old Ahmet's both eyes didn't see due to weakness of the lens.

Our patient applied to different doctors in different cities and it cost him a lot. As Kayseri City Hospital, we did not want to send this child away from here. We performed the surgery as a team in our City Hospital. Now 9-year-old Ahmet sees almost 100% . His brother Zeyd is only 4 years old, we have done the surgery of his one eye. Our children now see very nicely. We are happy as they see now. As Kayseri City Hospital grows and gets stronger, we will perform these types of surgeries more. This was a start for us. As Kayseri City Hospital, we are ready to perform more successful operations.'' When they realized that Ahmet had a problem in his eyes when he was 2 years old, his father Ali İhsan Güventürk said, "We took Ahmet to a big hospital in Ankara and they said: they cannot do this treatment. So we took him to several well-known hospitals in Istanbul. There, they asked for great amount of cost for the surgery. Therefore we couldn't get the surgery because of our financial situation we couldn't afford it.''

Ali İhsan Güventürk explained that Ahmet was not deprived of education and education for 7 years and that he continued his life with a vision rate of 5 percent. He also said: "I have been assigned to Kayseri from Istanbul. After my appointment to Kayseri, they recommended me Necati Duru. I had Ahmet and his brother Zeyd cure.  My wife and I decided to had surgery Ahmet and Zeyd with Kayseri City Hospital. Ahmet's both eyes and Zeyd’s  left eye sees now.  I asked Ahmet how he was after surgery . He answered dad, I see the world more colorful . Father Ali İhsan Güventürk said I would like to thank Kayseri City Hospital and  the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who has great efforts in establishing city hospitals in other provinces and the Ministry of Health and health provincial organization.