Kayseri Will Be a Pioneer in Health Tourism Studies


Current Situation Analysis and 2021-2030 Action Plan Prepared for Improving Health Tourism in Kayseri The report titled "Kayseri Health Tourism Development Current Situation Analysis and 2021-2030 Action Plan" as a result of the technical support project named "Kayseri Health Tourism Development Project" supported by the Middle Anatolia Development Agency within the scope of the 2019 Technical Assistance Program and of which the Anatolian Health Tourism Association is the beneficiary. created. Supported within the scope of health tourism, which is one of the prominent sectors within the scope of the Central Anatolia Development Agency TR72 Regional Plan and its result-oriented programs, the following sub-activities were organized in this study, ensuring the maximum participation of stakeholders in the project: - A training titled “Hospital Management Training for Health Tourism” was held on 01-02 February 2020, in which 43 people participated. - Kayseri Health Tourism SWOT Analysis Meeting was held on 15 February 2020, with the participation of 35 sector representatives. - Field visits were made to stakeholders and a survey was conducted. It is hoped that the "Current Situation Analysis on the Development of Health Tourism in Kayseri and the 2021-2030 Action Plan" study will have positive and sustainable effects on behalf of the development of health tourism in Kayseri.