Koramaz Valley is included in the UNESCO Temporary World Heritage List.


Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, in his statement from his social media account, announced that the Koramaz Valley is included in the UNESCO Temporary Heritage List. Thanking everyone who contributed in this process, Büyükkılıç said, "Koramaz Valley, one of our unique values, entered the UNESCO Temporary List with its historical, natural and cultural wealth. I congratulate everyone who contributed." used expressions. The valley at an altitude ranging from 250 meters to 1,500 meters, about 12 kilometers away from the city center, hosts many values ​​such as Kültepe Kaniş / Karum Höyük, giraffe fossil bed, cave roads and bird paradise Engir Lake. Archaeologists, cave researchers, art historians, and many other related studies have made this unique valley a candidate for UNESCO. With the support of the Metropolitan Municipality and Melikgazi Municipality, the studies carried out under the coordination of the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Values ​​(ÇEKÜL) were documented and delivered to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on April 15, 2019.