Life-Keeping Surgery in Kayseri City Hospital


In fertilizer production facility, 52-year-old Hüseyin Uğur snatched his arm into work machine and tore his arm. In Kayseri City Hospital, with 12 hours lasting operation, it was sutured back by transferring vein from the leg, muscles and skin from his back. Hüseyin Uğur, a 52-year-old, stuck his right arm to the conveyor belt during the assembly and tore his arm from the elbow in fertilizer production plant in Kayseri. Hüseyin Uğur, whose arm was only held a piece of skin, was brought to Kayseri City Hospital by his colleagues. Hüseyin Uğur, whose arm was sutured back after 12 hours lasting operation and was operated by Op Dr Kaan Gürbüz and Op Dr Yakup Ekinci in the hospital. Kayseri City Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Mustafa Arik, who gave information about the operation, said: “When our patient Mr. Uğur applied to us about a week ago, his arm was almost severed from his elbow. His veins, nerves and muscles were severed. Op Dr Kağan Gürbüz and Op Dr Yakup Ekinci's efforts for the operation was admirable because there was a large skin defect. The defect was also cured by the muscles and skin from his back. Currently the hand of our patient's is fine and there are circulation and movements. It was a very successful operation.” Hüseyin Uğur, 52, with his right arm severed, said: ''I snatched my arm in the tape and my arm was severed. Only one piece of skin held my torn arm. When I came to Kayseri City Hospital with my friends, Op. Dr. Kaan Gürbüz and Yakup Ekinci took care of me. They almost transferred my arm to myself back. They showed great effort and dedication. As a result of long hours, I started to respond to the efforts a day later. They performed a very effective and successful operation. I could say they re-assembled something that didn't exist. My arm is doing all kinds of tasks right now. I am very grateful.'' Sevim Yılmaz, 50, a business partner of Hüseyin Uğur said: ''We have been in Kayseri City Hospital for about 10 days. On the day of the accident we were thinking where to go, the metropolitan hospitals in Ankara or Istanbul? Our thoughts changed after we came to the hospital. I am so happy now that Mr. Uğur's arm was officially transferred to himself again. When people have a very serious injury, they should not think of Istanbul or Ankara immediately. There are many operations such as Mr. Uğur's surgery and it is very important that they take place in the press. It was a surgery that lasted about 12 hours. The doctors' attention, their occupation.Tthey stayed in the hospital during the operation and waited. The other staff showed a lot of interest. Hüseyin and my family were out of town, although we had no one, the hospital team showed great interest to us. We sincerely thank the hospital team "
Source: Ruptured arm sutured in its place after 12 hours of operation