Moroccan Couple Arrives in Kayseri with the Dream of a Baby


Despite the IVF treatment he had seen in France three times, Khadija Akhmouch (38), a Moroccan national, came to Kayseri for the dream of a baby that he had been dreaming for 15 years with his wife Jamall Arrach (42). Kayseri Acibadem Hospital IVF Center in embryos frozen double, six months after the transfer process.ann candidate Khadija Akhmouch, 'how things can be done in Europe, in Turkey,' we thought. But we saw that our negotiations with the teacher and with the support of my friends have come, you have everything in Turkey. My treatment here lasted 10 days. The treatments we received in France were not enough. We think that the treatment done here will be successful. There are many differences between health care systems in Turkey and France. system is really the future of Turkey. A positive result in having to buy, then we come back to this if we consider the treatment of Turkey, "he said.