The Effect of Covid-19 on Turkish Health Tourism


Stating that the corona virus epidemic negatively affects many sectors in the economic field, there will be various changes in the medical tourism, thermal tourism, SPA-wellness, elderly and disabled tourism sectors, and the Director of Atılım University Social Sciences Institute. Dr. Dilaver Tengilmoglu, "But health because tourism is seasonal is a type of tourism, I believe the effect as in the tourism sector, these changes will not be too much. Loss has a chance to make up. Because health tourism is a form of tourism spread over 12 months," Turkey's health dedi.koro the virus outbreak Speaking to the İhlas News Agency about the impact of the tourism industry, Ankara Health Tourism Association Board Member and Atılım University Social Sciences Institute Director. Dr. Dilaver Tengilimoğlu stated that the health worker factor should be prioritized in the sector, and the information about the spread of the virus and the status of the health personnel included the following information: "The virus was seen in the Wuhan Province of China at the end of December 2019. China as of March 2020 ' While the pandemic rate slowed down in Iran, the cases of Covid-19 and related deaths started to increase rapidly in Iran, Korea, South Korea and Italy, Spain.In our country, the first Covid-19 case was reported on March 11, 2020. During this time, the Ministry of Health in our country has started the measures gradually in line with the recommendations of the scientific committee. Recently, the number of cases has increased in our country as well as in other countries. Turkey in the correct number of cases has risen to as mid-April 9. While the world average of death is 6.7, it is 2.2 in our country. In this process, our heroes who fought with Covid-19 at the forefront in the battle have made significant success in the diagnosis and treatment processes of healthcare workers. Therefore, the provision of all kinds of protective equipment and equipment needed for healthcare workers working at risk in epidemics such as Covid-19, supply of medicines and respirators and similar medical devices and tools that they will need in treatment, practices to increase work performance and efficiency obtained from the work they do. It should be done. The motivation of the employees should be supported and the reward and incentive policies should be put into practice rapidly. Health workers are concerned about the health of themselves and their families during epidemics and pandemics. Anxiety of infection can lead to anxiety, anger-anger, stress and insomnia in healthcare professionals due to the safety of the healthcare staff they work with, loneliness, and higher expectations. Stress and hormonal activity can result in insomnia in the form of a vicious circle. The transition to normal life after the crisis may take a few weeks. "Prof. Dr. Dilaver Tengilimoğlu, who also gave information about how the medical tourism, thermal tourism, medical SPA, elderly and disabled tourism sectors will be affected from this process, the economy, health, education Stating that there is a process that is reflected in many sectors including: "The rate of spread of the virus began to plateau. We hope that it will peak after a certain period of time and decrease in mid-June, and normalize in July-August. Indeed, in Europe countries such as Denmark and Austria, which started early in the fight against the virus and had less populations, Covid-19 has significantly affected our entire life and sectors, and the tourism and transportation sector is one of these sectors, and health tourism has also been significantly affected by this process. As in countries, health, manpower and hospitals have become unable to meet the citizens of their own countries in the leading countries in health tourism. Thanks to the successful policies in Turkey has not experienced until now no capacity shortages. youngest being of the population compared to Bunda developed countries, young and dynamic consisting of health professionals, health infrastructure, adequate in better condition occurs in terms of technological equipment, physical conditions, such as opening to new services city hospitals The fact that it is good and suitable for infection control (patient rooms are single and double) has a positive effect on almost all of the population being covered by social security. Besides these advantages, the presence of nearly five million immigrants, living and accommodation conditions constitute a relatively disadvantage. In this context, it is certain that there will be various changes in the medical tourism, thermal tourism, SPA-wellness, elderly and disabled tourism sectors.However, since health tourism is not a seasonal tourism type, I am of the opinion that these changes will not have much effect in the tourism sector. There is a chance to compensate for the loss. Because health tourism is a type of tourism spanning 12 months. "Stating that social isolation is the most effective method for preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus, Prof. Dr. Tengilimoğlu, however, gained weight due to physical inactivity and smoking due to physical inactivity. Stating that there will be physical and psychological effects such as increased tendency to behavioral disorders, lack of sunlight, and increased anxiety level, "It is stated that there is a 35 percent increase in domestic violence cases as a result of social isolation in Europe. Therefore, when the epidemic process ends, individuals will create demand for diet camps, traditional medicine practices, applications to increase body resistance, stress relief, and types of health tourism for obesity surgery, aesthetic cosmetic surgery. In terms of thermal tourism potential when assessing Turkey among the top seven countries in the world and ranks first in Europe. Like other types of tourism, thermal tourism is not seasonal and its demand can spread to 12 months. After Covid-19, especially if the elderly group will turn to thermal facilities to keep fit, the summer season will be significantly closed for vacation and rest when it is predicted that the outbreak ends and people return to their normal routines.In this respect, the demand for thermal tourism may increase. In addition, one of the types of health tourism is SPA and Wellness tourism, which focuses on body, mind and spiritual relaxation. I think that the demand for wellness hotels will increase when people think that they need both mental and spiritual rest after the epidemic and they prefer to support it with activities such as fitness, yoga and detox programs. " Stating that more than 95 percent of the deaths occurred in people older than 60 years, Prof. Dr. Dilaver Tengilimoğlu stated in his statement: "More than 50 percent of all deaths included people aged 80 and over. Various measures have been taken in the countries of the world to protect the elderly population. Primary care physicians in Spain reach consultation by elderly people by phone, Japan increased its number of tests and made sure to keep elderly people away from hospitals. In Turkey, for example the Health Ministry and the Science Board, which is in contact over age 60 population and the elderly population and carriers that represent 20 years of age make recommendations regarding the introduction of a curfew on six population of the world in this process with implementation has proven its commitment to the elderly.In addition, support activities of law enforcement and local administrations such as shopping for our elderly and helping with the field works are admirable. As can be seen, this process brought up the necessity of meeting the health and social needs of the elderly population all over the world and developing action plans to protect the elderly population in such crises. For this reason, I believe that elderly tourism will become more active, health villages, active aging centers, elderly care centers will be much more prominent. In terms of the richness of thermal sources which have an important place in the world that significant potential that Turkey has failed to adequately use could say. However, in order for the insurance institutions to pay for the accommodation in these facilities, the qualified service provided in the tourism facilities should be increased and the quality of service should be accredited by international or national organizations (TÜSKA) and contracts with the insurance organizations. Necessary improvements should be made to ensure standards in the facilities. In order to prolong the stay of tourists coming to thermal tourism facilities, integration with health services should be ensured in thermal hotels and programs should be enriched with sportive, artistic, social and cultural activities in order not to get bored outside the sessions of the tourists. the number of 2 million 252 thousand, while the number of people who lost their lives Tengilmoglu stating that 154 thousand 322, "the most important reason for the increase in checks the number increased and the case number of tests over time in Turkey reported that the filyasyo. According to the statement made by the Minister of Health, the outbreak process is tried to be brought under control with the positive case and the detection of the environment in which it contacts with the filings carried out with 4600 teams.Another factor in combating the epidemic is health manpower. 100 Total number of doctors per thousand people, while the OECD average was 3.48, compared with 1.87 in Turkey. Midwives and 100 nurses per thousand people, while the OECD average of 9.38, 3.01, this ratio is in Turkey. The first case in Turkey seen on March 11 as accelerated health worker assignments, additional payment arrangements, be incorporated into the filyasyo team of dentists were able to use the most effective health manpower with applications like. Therefore, this process sets an example for many world countries. From this point on the strength of Turkey it had proved effective health care system and health policy. In health tourism, reliability, facility infrastructure and health manpower are young and dynamic as well as their competence. Covidien-19 with the practices implemented in the outbreak will move to the top position in the future as Turkey for health tourism. Health tourism is among the leading countries in the countries least affected by the crisis in Turkey will create a sense of confidence that they are looking for foreign patients. Trust and quality are the primary criteria that patients seek in country and hospital selection. Turkey accredited hospitals and skilled health manpower, rich tourism opportunities, will take place after the crisis first destination will choose between the gastronomy of international patients. Competitive marketing and promotion strategies should be developed for this purpose. " Prof. Dr. Tengilimoğlu, who stated that he will be put into service will provide an important relief in terms of bed capacity,"In this process, we saw that some of our hospitals were immediately converted into pandemic hospitals, private hospitals were quickly involved with supportive practices. On the other hand, the technological infrastructure of city hospitals, as well as the patient rooms, which can be turned into intensive care when necessary, create great comfort in the infection control and epidemic process. It is obvious that the use of some hospitals belonging to the former Ministry of Health, which was closed and moved to the city hospital, as a quarantine hospital in this process is also an important contribution.In this context, it is certain that city hospitals will become admiral hospitals in the future, on the other hand, a total number of 577 hospitals and 50 thousand 156 With its bed, 231 thousand 915 work force, private hospitals contribute greatly to the struggle in this process.In addition, 459 tomography devices (915 in total) and qualified bed capacity are summarized with modern and comfortable infrastructure. It makes an important contribution in the fight against rüs ".