The first one was held in Kayseri City Hospital


The 81-year-old Mustafa Oğuz, who was brought to Kayseri City Hospital with the complaint of gastric bleeding, was applied to the atrial appendage and the heart cavity with a non-surgical method. Assoc. Dr. Selami Demirelli, Assoc. Dr. Ziya Şimşek and Dr. After the operation, which lasted about an hour by Kemal Tekin and his cardiology team, 81 year old Mustafa Oğuz recovered. Methods of Turkey's few health center, Kayseri also mentioned that the first application of Kayseri City Hospital Cardiology Department at the Faculty Assoc. Dr. Selami Demirelli said, “Today, we performed a non-surgical closure in an area called 'Atrial Appendage' in the left atrium of the heart with a method we applied. Our patient was 81 years old and previously had a heart rhythm disorder. We usually give blood-thinning drugs in patients with cardiac arrhythmias so that paralysis does not occur in these patients, and it does not throw a clot anywhere. We have already started such a treatment for this patient. However, our patient came to us with stomach bleeding shortly after. Therefore, we could not give this patient blood-thinning medication. We found it appropriate to apply the method of closing the heart cavity called "Left Atrial Appendix", which is a very new method for the patient. A council of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Neurology was evaluated and it was decided to be suitable for this procedure. After that, we processed our patient. Our patient entered the vein with an operation similar to Angio-like method, which lasted for approximately 1 hour, and reached the heart cavity in the vein. Here, with a device called closure device, we closed the gap, which is a dead cavity in the heart, which prepares the ground for the formation of a clot, without any surgery. Our patient is fine right now. After that, of course, he will use blood thinners again for a very short time, but he will not have to use it in the long term. Our patient has received a relatively new and effective treatment. Thank you to our teammates. ” Oğuz Kaan Oğuz stated that he brought his father Mustafa Oğuz to Kayseri City Hospital with the complaint of gastric bleeding; “Because my father had heart palpitations, he was using blood chirping. Therefore, bleeding occurred. With the operation performed here, a device was inserted into the Heart. Bleeding will no longer occur. After this operation, he survived all of them. It was a very comfortable operation. Kayseri City Hospital is a great achievement for our city. The hospital is proud. It is very nice to get service right next to us, to be so interested. I thank everyone, ”he said.