It is located on Talas Street, west of Seyyid Burhaneddin Cemetery. The date of construction is not mentioned in the monument. Shah Cihan Hatun Tomb is also known as “Döner Tomb it “. The reason why it is called the revolving tomb is its polygonal and rounded face.

The Turkish version of the two–line booklet on the door of the villa is like this: “This tomb is a tomb of Shah Cihan Hatun. God will take care of her.”

It is understood from these statements that the building was made in the name of Shah Cihan Hatun. However, it is not known who Shah Cihan Hatun is. Some experts say she is the daughter of Sultan I. Alaeddin Keybubad. There are various opinions about the date of the construction. Along with those who said that it was built between 1276–1279, Albert Gabriel says 1276, Halil Ethem says the last half of the thirteenth century, Hakkı Önkal and Haluk Karamağaralı say 1285 and Cezmi Tuncer says between 1295–1300 as the date of construction.