The “Kayseri Grand Bazaar”, one of the oldest bazaars in Turkey, is located within the castle fortifications, and it is known that it began to form from the middle of the XV. Century when Kayseri passed to Osmanlı dominance.

Bazaar is situated in “Intrinsic–Inner City” region where is found Ulu Mosque of XII. Century, which is left from the Danishmend era and later found in the basement of the Grand Bazaar, from Seljuks Pervane Bey Madrasah and outer fortress wall gate to the Square Gate which is at the present Bürüngüz Mosque. The first building in the bazaar complex is “Bedestan”. The beginning of the establishment of the Grand Bazaar with its shops started with the restructuring of the Bazaar and the shops around it by Mustafa Bey, who was one of the close servants of the Ottoman Sultan II. Bayezid and was appointed to the Kayseri governorship at his time.

The Kayseri covered bazaar consists of a series of streets covered with vaults intersecting each other at right angles and parallel to each other in the southwestern and west directions of the interior and the grid is planned.

Additional streets have been built in the bazaars at certain times. Kadi Burhaneddin, who was a judge in Kayseri during the time of Süleyman the Magnificent, built additional shops in the year 1548 and can be understood from the records; “Long bazaar, Neccarlar, Kazzazlar, Keçeciler, Jewelers' Market” was formed at that time. There is no information about the fact that the bazaar is closed at that time, the shops have roads in between and there are also snowmobiles in which snow is laid in the winter.

From the day when the bazaar was built, new buildings were added with the fires, and repairs were made. Especially in the fires of 1849 and 1870 Kadi Mahmud Foundation shops were burned and replaced with new ones. After the fire in 1870, with the efforts of Maraşlı Osman Pasha by the municipality, built 1804 shops and can took its present shape. The vault of the bazaar was almost destroyed by the Governor of Kayseri in 1935. It was rebuilt between 1987–1991.