Hacı Ahmet Pasha Mosque, Mimar Sinan Mosque Ahmed Pasha, also known as the “Falconer”, comes from the Kastamonu, which bases his descendant on Khalid bin Valid. He was educated in the court of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent and later became the Falconer of the Sultan. That's why he took his nickname. Ahmed Pasha, who is over a hundred years old, was buried in the tomb of Üsküdar which Mimar Sinan built. It is said that the Kurşunlu Mosque is one of the two mosques that Mimar Sinan built and the other is Çerkez Osman Pasha mosque which cound not reach our day.

Kurşunlu Mosque is the biggest domed structure of Sinan with 12.3 m dome in Anatolia. The fountain on the eight columns in the courtyard of the mosque was built by Cemaleddin Effendi, the captain of Sultan Aziz, near the İçkale district. In the 1930's, they carried this fountain known as “Prince, Millet Fountain” to the courtyard of Kurşunlu Mosque. Opposite the mosque is the Mimar Sinan Park and the statue.

Ahmed Pasha get Kurşunlu Mosque built by Mimar Sinan when he was Konya Governor. Kayseri was then affiliated to Konya Province as Sanjak. However, the governors of Konya had resided in Kayseri in those days. Ahmed Pasha was the closest servant of Sultan II. Selim and III. Murad.