Sahabiye Madrasah, one of the important associations of Anatolian Seljuk stone art, was built in 1267 by Ata Fahreddin Ali, the Seljuk Vizier. Despite being known as the Sahabiye Madrasah, the real name is the Ata Madrasah.

The structure was built entirely from cut stone materials. However, in the case of restorations, wall braids are broken. The different material seen outside the stone is the white marble statue on the crown door.

There are two lines of text on this monument. It says: “This madrasah was built in the time of Kılıçarslanoğlu, glorious Sultan, protector of the religion an the World, conquerer Keyhüsrev (III. Keyhüsrev) –God save his belongings– in (1276) by Sahip Ali the son of Huseyin –God make them famous–