Located in the village of Sultanhan, Tuzhisar district of Bunyan province, is located on Kayseri–Sivas caravan road. The Sultan Inn was built by Alaeddin Keykubad in 1232–1236. The caravanserai consists of a lid with open courtyard and five nave, in the middle of which is a pavilion masjid.

On the crown door of the sealed section, it can be determined that the name of I. Alaeddin Keykubad passed in the inscription, which was in a very damaged state. The inn, which is included in the examples consisting of closed and open sections in the direction of the plan, is one of the caravanserais built directly by the Sultan and taken from the figurative ornaments. The closed section of the caravanserai reached our day. There are no places like mosques, hammams, toilets in connection with or near the building. The inn was built from a south–to–north direction with a slightly inclined land. Inn; It is designed as two sections that cover accommodation and service spaces to meet the needs of passengers, cargo and animals during their stay. The section on the north side is the part of the courtyard, designed to be larger than the enclosed shelter section on the south side.

The building has gained a small castle identity with its wall, supported by high and different supports and supports. On the exterior wall there are dots arranged in the form of a stylized lion's head on the surface of the wall (a short groove placed on the surface of the fringe). The bathhouse is crossed from the west gate to the north gate. There is a pavilion masjid in the middle of the courtyard of the house, which consists of dressing, coldness, temperature, water storage, and ashtrays.

The mosque is located on the northern facade with a two–storey stepped staircase. Two dragons are depicted on the south facade. The dragon engraved on the belt–lock stone, profile–wise, is depicted with curled eyes and pointed teeth with folded bodies processed with flake designs.

The closed section of the crown door has reached our day. The gate encloses an eleven–armed star system placed in two meander rows and a geometric embellishment border consisting of broken–line passages connecting them.