Museum of Seljuks Civilization The fact that Anatolia is on international trade routes has led to the development of trade as well as bringing about various problems like diseases. In the 12th century, the intensity of trade and travel movement fr... Show More

Archeology Museum

 A chronological arrangement was introduced in order to exhibit the works in the museum, which consists entirely of archaeological artifacts. The artifacts are exhibited in the Archeology Museum in Kayseri Castle, which was built in the 3rd c... Show More

National Struggle Museum

National Struggle Museum, Derece–yî Ûlâ Mekteb–i Mülkiye İdadi It is considered to have been built in 1904, during the time of Abdulhamid II. On the whole of the work, properly cut stone is used. Brown stone is p... Show More

Ethnography Museum

 The museum is on the second floor of the building and is accessed by a staircase with stone steps and wooden railings. The rooms are arranged around the central hall. To the north of the hall is a semi-open mansion. In the large room to the ... Show More


It lies on the Talas Street, south of the city center, in the vicinity of Döner Tomb and Emir Ali Tomb. Ahi Evran who based all the principles on “the main source of religion, the morality of art, hospitality, helpfulness, which was est... Show More


 Imamzade Raşid Ağa Mansion was one of the most important examples of recent civilizations and Kayseri houses as well as being a host for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's first visit to Kayseri (19 December 1919). It is located in the Cumhuriyet ... Show More


The house in which Mimar Sinan was born in Ağırnas Town was restored with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ağırnas and organized as a “museum house”. Mimar Sinan House, which was opened in April 2007... Show More