The “Kayseri Grand Bazaar”, one of the oldest bazaars in Turkey, is located within the castle fortifications, and it is known that it began to form from the middle of the XV. Century when Kayseri passed to Osmanlı dominance.

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Forum Kayseri

  With a great ceremony on December 21st , 2011 and having opened its doors with about 150,000 visitors, Forum Kayseri Shopping Center, 153,000 square meters of construction area, 65,000 square meters of l... Show More

Kayseri Park Shopping Center

 Having opened its doors in 2006, Kayseri Park, is one of the most popular Shopping and Life Centers in Central Anatolia, has brought Kayseri residents altogether with shopping, entertainment and cultural activities. By offering a complete di... Show More

Meysu Outlet

  Meysu Outlet Shopping Center, which brings the world's most distinguished brands in a contemporary environment together, opened its doors to visitors on April 9th, 2011. Meysu Outlet, the first Outlet an... Show More

Byz Outlet

  BYZ GARAGE combines business, shopping and entertainment in a complex in the intense pace of life. For the first time in Kayseri, BYZ GARAGE has developed a model that solves the needs of the shopping ce... Show More

Mix Kayseri

  With its modern architectural texture and green spaces, Mix Kayseri, providing the comfort of indoor space and outdoor space at the same time, enables its visitors enjoy every hour of the day even indo... Show More

Ipeksaray Shopping Center

İpeksaray Shopping Center is a subsidiary of İpek Mobilya Corporation. Ipeksaray Shopping Center and Towers, which have been operating since 2006, May 13th, are located in a closed area of 38.000 m2, have the status of a living center far beyond t... Show More

Kazancılar Bazaar

  Among the symbols of Kayseri which is located right next to the historical ''Grand Bazaar'',  Kazancılar Bazaar  where most of the craftsmen (136 artisans) perform the profession of jewelery an... Show More

Kayseri Bazaar

  With numerous businesses in every part of the city, Kayseri is experiencing the culture of craftsmanship that exists in the genetics of the city in order to provide its guests with quality service in eve... Show More